Laminate film
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Laminate holographic film
Laminate Fresnel lens film
Transfer film
Transfer Metallized/holographic film

Unisplendour Technology Ltd. (Unis-tech) is a manufacturing company specializing in research development, manufacturing and distribution of metalized hologram, multi-lens transfer/lamination film. Our products are widely applied to high-end package market such as cigarette, liquor, cosmetic, toothpaste box and other luxury products.
Unis-tech has the latest model of equipment and brand new facilities for mastering and recombining hologram/Fresnel lens with registration. Our production facility includes coaters, slitters, metaliser, seamless embossers and UV embossers which can offer 700 - 1500 cm width metalized, holographic or Fresnel lens transfer/ lamination film. Our production capacity is 15 million square meters per month. Unis-tech staff has had hand on experience working in specialty printing industry and therefore can offer expert advice and service throughout concept designing, manufacturing and productsĄŻ end-using. Additionally, we are accurate in delivering our products on time whether it is to a single location or many locations throughout the world. We will be available to you throughout the entire process providing you with technical support and service from our cross field application engineers.
Our staff is dedicating to meet our clientsĄŻ requirements in an efficient and professional way. Whether you are a domestic or an overseas client we are dedicated to meeting all your requirements and are open to discuss them at any time.

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